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To request services for yourself, your child, or a specific student:
Please print out a client information form, fill it out, and mail it back to us (NO FAXES or EMAIL). (To view the form as a pdf, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

* Please note, there is a waiting list for all services. We kindly ask for your patience, as we will contact you when we have an appointment available. All intake forms are initially reviewed by Dr. Baker and then passed on to the therapist that has the availability to provide the appropriate service (e.g., group, individual, or consultation with school). All therapists in the practice utilize Dr. Baker's social skill manuals supplemented by other researched-based training methods. Mail all forms to:

Jed Baker, Ph.D.
29 Collinwood Rd.
Maplewood, NJ 07040

To request a workshop presentation or inservice training: Please call (973) 313-1803 or email your request to JandBBaker@aol.com.

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