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The Social Skills Picture Book, Dr. Jed Baker
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Seeing is learning. Dr. Jed Baker embraces this philosophy in this dynamic teaching tool that engages the attention and motivation of students who need a little extra help learning appropriate social skills by using pictures of children mastering skills such as communication, play, emotion, and empathy.

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Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: The Nature of Autism The Importance of Using Visual Aides to Teach Children with Autism

CHAPTER 2: Teaching Social Skills

CHAPTER 3: What are Social Skill Picture Books?
Who Should Use Social Skill Picture Books
How to use Picture Books to Teach Skills Initial Instruction
Should You Teach the "Wrong Way" to Enact a Skill?
Role-playing the Skills
Providing Corrective Feedback
Generalization of Skills
Individualizing the Picture Books: Making Your Own

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CHAPTER 4: Social Skill Picture Books
Conversation Related Skills
Don't Be a Space Invader
Listening Position
Interrupting (help opening a jar)
Interrupting (help with a zipper)
Interrupting (asking peers for a toy)
Listening (during a conversation)
Starting and Maintaining a Conversation (about the present)
Starting and Maintaining a Conversation (about the past)
Ending a Conversation
Introducing Yourself
Talking Briefly

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Play Related Skills
Asking to Play
Joining In Play
Taking Turns
Playing a Game
Dealing with Losing

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Emotion Related Skills
Dealing with Anger & Sadness
Showing Understanding for Others' Feelings
Accepting No for an Answer
Trying Something New
Trying When Its Hard
Dealing with Mistakes
Dealing with Teasing

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